Adox cms 20 datasheet

Datasheet adox

Adox cms 20 datasheet

Adox CMS II ISO 20 is the one of the sharpest, most fine grain films available. The Adox CMS 20 II 35mm starter kit includes six CMS 20 II 35mm cms adox films and the dedicated Adotech IV film developer good for developing all six rolls. The film achieves grain free enlargements of up to about 8 feet diagonally. I hope that' s it - because I took adox a fantastic ( I thought : - ) portrait on adox it in 35 mm datasheet years ago ( Contax RTS II / Zeis 85/ 1. After contacting Mirko from ADOX, he wrote me cms that the agitation scheme of the English version of the datasheet cms ( once per minute) is the correct one. No film is sharper has a finer grain a higher resolution ( up to 800 L/ mm at adox highest contrast) then Adox CMS 20 II. Adox cms 20 datasheet. DATA SHEET: INSTRUCTIONS: MSDS etc datasheet pdf.

ADOX CMS 20 II film plus ADOTECH cms developer. The datasheet doesn' t datasheet say. If used in pictorial photography the film achieves ISO adox 12 to 20 when used with Adotech II developer. References: ADOX CMS 20 Hochauflösungsfilm ( May ) ADOX CMS 20 Ultrahigh- Resolution- Film ( August cms ) All CMS images in the catalogue and on the ADOX webiste ( www. 4) and it' d be fun in 4x5.

Adox datasheet

Given that my old post about Adox CMS 20 is the seventh most popular from almost 450 I' ve written and that the number one position is held by a brief " first look" review I did of Adox CHS 100 II, I' d say that there seems to be considerable interest in both Adox products and CMS 20 so I' m more than happy to share Scotty' s efforts with you. Adox CMS 20 II 35mm, ISO 20, 4 Rolls + 100ml Adotech 3 Description Kit contains 4 Rolls of Adox CMS 35mm film plus 100ml of Adotech developer for superfine results. ADOX( TMVersion 1 1/ 9 SAFETY DATA SHEET. Product identifier : ADOX( TM) 3125 Material Number : Identified uses : Sodium chlorite for Production of Chlorine dioxide. Adox CMS 20 II: Adox CHS 100 II: Adox Color Implosion:.

adox cms 20 datasheet

Adox MCC 110/ 112 VC FB: Adox MCC 310/ 312 VC RC: Adox Lupex Contact FB: Adox Variotone: Chemicals. The main films made by ADOX are the CMS 20 II, CHS 100 II, SILVERMAX, ADOX SCALA, and COLOR IMPLOSION films. The CHS film old school emulsions which is still produced according to the old ADOX formulations which were introduced in the 1950ies.